Dick Cheney To Give TED Talk

Dick-Cheney-TED-talkFormer Vice President Dick Cheney is eager to share insights from his 40-year career in public service with an audience that may not normally be open to hearing a differing opinion.

“The people who go to TED talks are basically NPR listeners with jobs, which, admittedly is a minority,” said Cheney spokesman Ginger Baker.

“But the Vice-President is adamant in his belief that the lessons he’s learned – following your gut, doing whatever it takes and being able to withstand criticism – are very much in line with what they might hear from other speakers,” Ms. Baker said.

“Except in his case, the Vice-President was able to put these platitudes into action when the fate of the free world was at stake. So he thinks there’s a difference in that he’s actually walked the talk.”

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