Walking Dead Fans Petition To Kill Rick Grimes

kill-rick-grimesZombie fans are screaming for blood.

More than usual, it seems judging from the online petition calling for the “immediate, painful, public and slow death,” of Walking Dead character Rick Grimes.

“There are many reasons fans are calling for the death of Grimes,” said esteemed Zombiologist Max Brooks.

“But the most important is that at this point he is defying the logic of the genre – stupid characters just don’t live as long as this hapless, whining Hamlet of a Zombie Survivor.”

Mr. Brooks said fans are turned off not only by Grimes’ weakness as a character, but there are other logical inconsistencies that are turning off purists.

“There is no reason for anyone to be loyal to him. He has actually been the major cause of the surviving groups ongoing misfortune – so the idea that the characters are still even listening to what he has to say is discordant.”

Online commenters have weighed in, of course and their complaints include:

  • “As a former Sheriff, Rick represents the power structure that created the problem – his continued leadership role is either an anomaly or a metaphor.”
  • “Carol and Darryl are clearly the moral center of the show. They should be in charge. Also, if they could fuck that would be great.”
  • “I’m looking for some patricide quite frankly.”
  • “What bothers me is his recurring existential crisis. The appeal of the Zombie-Post-Apocalyptic genre is that the artifice of modern society gets stripped away and you get to enjoy life in a State of Nature.”
  • “Hello, I have written an altenate-history fan-fiction take on WD, where Rick dies after he wakes up in the hospital, Shane marries Lori then creates a polygamous sect where he has the Beta males go out and recruit women for his intended re-population of North America. Kind of like Genghis Khan, with Zombies!

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